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Velocity ConferenceVelocity ConferenceVelocity ConferenceVelocity ConferenceVelocity ConferenceVelocity ConferenceVelocity ConferenceVelocity ConferenceVelocity Conference


Our culture puts emphasis on speed. Speed is daring and exciting. Often as the Church we fall into the trap of needing to run faster and faster. We believe the faster we accelerate the more impact we will have. Often we have a different kind of impact as we hit the wall head-on.

We can also move too slowly. This can happen when our leadership lacks a clear vision and are paralyzed by the complexity of decisions before them. We don’t hit the wall. We simply never get to the wall.

Velocity is about a different kind of speed. It is about keeping PACE with the Holy Spirit. Jesus invites us into a new world. This world is His Kingdom. There are times when we must speed up. There are times that we must slow down. This is the Velocity that we embrace.


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